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Case histories

Grays Inn, 5 Raymond Buildings

Project Brief

An eminent firm of barristers needed to expand into adjoining offices.

The work included modifying and adding new luminaires, installing data cabling, carrying out structural changes, building new toilets and decorating throughout.

All works had to be approved by English Heritage.

The Solution

The project necessitated major building works including the installation of lintels, the re-laying out of offices and extensive electrical works.

Work was also carried out to the kitchen and new floor coverings were laid throughout.

A NICEIC certificate was issued upon completion.

The Result

It was necessary to work in close liaison with English Heritage and several major challenges were encountered which meant substantial delays.

The project was still completed on time to the relief of the client, as delays would have caused financial losses.



University of London, St Georges Hospital Medical School, Tooting

Project Brief

An existing block of accommodation that had stood empty for twelve months and had been severely damaged by an asbestos survey needed to be refurbished as student accommodation.

The following inspections and reports were necessary:

A full electrical inspection to BS7671.

A full survey and report on the mechanical plant.

Gas certification for the boilers.

The Solution

Redecoration was carried out throughout the building including painting and new carpets.

Holes in the walls were repaired as a result of the asbestos survey.

Emergency lighting was upgraded.

Lighting was brought up to the correct specification.

The fire alarm was serviced and re-commissioned.

The lightening protection was serviced and brought up to specification.

Boilers were serviced and gas certifications were issued after any leaks were traced and repaired.

The main student kitchen area received ten new cookers, fourteen metres of worktops, segregated into vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

The air cleaning system was cleaned, repaired and re-commissioned.

All windows and doors were serviced.

The Result

Although we had to work within a limited budget, the project was finished on time and on budget resulting in ninety single occupancy student rooms.



Hadens – Portman House, Oxford Street

Project Brief

After a planned electrical shutdown, a system fault was identified within the automated change over procedure resulting in a manual switch over being required.

The Solution

Using our technical expertise, diagnostic procedures were carried out during a forced shutdown. Various faults were identified including:

Incorrect wiring of the control circuit.

A malfunctioning closing coil.

Lose terminations were discovered in the generator control box.

The Result

As a result of the above, the coil was replaced, the wiring was corrected and the terminations were tightened.

In the event of an electrical failure the system will automatically switch over to the generators, even when the building is unattended.



Ravenside Shopping Centre, Bexhill

Project Brief

The construction and installation of six new lighting feeder pillars throughout the site.

Installing circuitry from the feeders to new car park lighting and CCTV.

The supply and construction of all systems within a new security control centre.

All work had to be carried out while the shopping centre was open to the public.

The Solution

Armoured cables were run to all lighting columns and cameras.

Fibre optic cabling was run from the central control centre to the camera columns.

The lighting columns were erected, tested, certificated and energised.

Because of the close proximity to the sea specialist marine grade lighting columns with polycarbonate light units were sourced to minimise the effects of salt corrosion and high winds.

The Result

Because we were working in an operational shopping centre close liaison with the tenants was imperative.

Throughout the project disruption was kept to a minimum and the work was completed on time and within budget.



Coca Cola Enterprises Ltd.

Project Brief

The brief consisted of two major projects:

- The design, construction and installation of air handling units for the production floor.

- The design and installation of a ventilation plant for the new process room and office areas.

The Solution

The air handling units for the production floor were located on the roof of the building and controlled through a building management system.

The two units were lifted into position using a crane and constructed in-situ.

We manufactured all the ductwork and connected all the runs.

Air was supplied into the production area through the roof using a fully automated system.

Rotor clone washers were used for the removal of any strong odours.

A large air handling unit was housed internally for air conditioning to the process room together with all the offices. Air distribution was handled via ductwork throughout the building which we manufactured and installed.

It was imperative that the temperature was controlled very precisely in the process and production areas, this was achieved with the use of space sensors on the production floors.

The Result

A clean atmosphere was achieved in all production areas resulting in a very efficient and comfortable working environment.

We continue with an ongoing maintenance programme to ensure the precise working conditions are maintained.



St Georges University of London
Robert Lowe Gymnasium Refurbishment

Project Brief

Following a five-year periodic inspection, the existing gymnasium was authorised to have a full electrical refurbishment, together with a partial redecoration.

The University wanted an energy saving solution and also needed to meet environmental compliance.

The project had to be completed in 9 weeks so students would only be minimally affected.

The Solution

A complete new lighting system was installed which met and even exceeded the brief in certain areas:

The Result

The overall project consisted of a wide range of tasks that needed to be completed within a challenging time deadline together with working alongside other contactors.



Peel Centre, Bracknell Retail Park

Project Brief

To carry out refurbishment of an empty store to be used as a Tesco supermarket. This was part of upgrading a retail park in a difficult area of Bracknell.

The Solution

New lighting was fitted to the front façade of the store, utilizing Dextra Avalon luminaries with 150 Watt HQTI lamps for improved colour rendition.

Mains power was supplied via a new vandal proof feeder pillar installed in the car park area.

New data cables were installed for the car park barrier system to suit the new layout.

The existing lighting columns were moved and re-fed to suit the new layout.

The Result

As a result of meeting all the criteria and successfully completing phase one, phase two was commissioned which included upgrading the neighbouring Morrison’s store to the same standard.



Southall College
Technical New Build

Project Brief

A new block was to be constructed for the following study groups: Electrical Services, Motor Workshop, Catering Kitchen and assorted classrooms.

The new block was to be constructed out of the ground and joined to the main campus at both ends.

The Solution

We initially received an outline brief from the consultant. An important requirement was that a whole range of legislation had to complied with – one of our specialities is interpreting a brief and ensuring that all necessary compliances are met.

The design and build project involved installing two new main supplies, lighting design and small power services.

The lighting design incorporated the latest T3 technology lamps to minimise power consumption and maximise light output. Conventional switching was upgraded to a full sensor intelligent lighting system which would provide huge energy savings.

Mains distribution was undertaken using SWA cables installed on a surface tray network. Because all cabling was on the surface the all work needed to be extremely neat and tidy.

The 2nd fix equipment was picked for durability to suit the harsh environment of a technical college.

The Result

All compliance and legislation parameters were met. Fraser Electrical were proud to be part of a project that will be producing the future generation of the electrical and mechanical workforce.